Trapezoidal hexecontahedron in stainless steel


Estudio Cerisola

Dimensions: Ø81 cm

Material: Stainless steel

One of a kind

Mathematically, this structure shows the Dual relationship between two Platonic solids: the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Merged together, they create the trapezoidal hexecontahedron, a Catalan solid with 60 trapezoidal faces.
This piece is assembled and welded manually by master blacksmiths from Mexico City.

Based on a profound mathematical research, Estudio Cerisola combines advanced technology with highly skilled craftsmanship, to create intricate pieces from high quality materials with an impeccable finish.
This unique piece is fabricated from a single module that repeats itself 30 times to create a final perfect sphere. Each module is constructed by a set of two different pieces of CNC cut stainless steel.

Due to the resistance of the material, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.



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