Narciso Table

Estudio Cerisola


Base dimensions: ø100 cm x 25 cm

Glass dimension: 150cm

Material: Polished stainless steel


The “Narciso Table” is made of a modular structure of stainless steel petals of three different sizes, symmetrically welded around a central axis conforming a perfect circle.

The geometric system of “Narciso” is based on a dodecagonal antiprism constructed with pieces of polished stainless steel, so that the material, previously opaque, ends up having a mirror like finish.

The exploration and its result is centered on the myth of Narcissus who, in love with his own image and seeing it reflected in a pond, ended up throwing himself into the waters, from where the beautiful flower called Narcissus emerged.

In this era of self-absorption in which we live, I wanted to explore this Myth and recreate it in a piece that could, at the same time be both, the pond and its crystalline waters and the flower. With the intention of stating that nothing separates the reflected, the act of reflection and the reflection itself.


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